Lottery Spell


Every person born in this world comes with his share of gains and losses which are more or less pre-ordained or to put it simply beyond his control.  There are many ways of making money which in the eyes of the society can be broadly categorised as good money-bad money, easy money-hard money. It is said in astrology that no planet if fully good or bad and the way to relate to each cosmic force is a matter of personal perspective. Similarly the way one looks at the nature of his money is a matter of personal perception and the right to categorize it as good or bad is only his. The only fact of this universe is that wherever exists has to be the truth else it would not have been there.

Lottery Spell,When it comes to analyzing a horoscope in terms of good money-bad money, the astrologer first needs to analyze the ‘mind’ of the person which is signified by ‘Moon’, which if afflicted by so called cruel planets (again a matter of personal perception) like Rahu and Saturn will have a tendency to earn money through anti-social ways like laundering, bribes, smuggling, robbing, extortion etc. In this case the ‘mind’ of the person is clouded and hence is easily misled by negative cosmic forces. These people may become rich and wealthy but the nature of their receipt has totally different implications in terms of ‘karma’ and further evolution.

On the other hand Moon if supported by natural benefice planets like Jupiter and Venus in a horoscope bestows a person with a tendency to make money through the righteous ways backed by high educational qualifications or large business ventures.

manpasand shadi rohani jismani ilajNow the nature of windfall gains like lottery, inheritance and gambling cannot be termed as either good or bad. Speculation is human nature and everyone dreams of unexpected wealth coming their way which comes without effort. There are millions of people rich and poor alike worldwide who play lottery in the hope of that day which will turn around their financial fortunes overnight. Astrology does not hold a negative stance to this kind of a desire because it is an embedded human nature.

In general any kind of wealth is associated with the lord of the second house, lord of eleventh house, lord of tenth house, lord of eleventh, the Moon and the ninth lord. The disposition of the eight house is also important in a horoscope in terms of lottery and inherited wealth. Like we discussed earlier the strength of Moon is vital as a weak Moon with no planetary support on either side leads to two very malefic yogas namely Sakata and Kemadruma that highly detrimental for financial growth.Lottery Spell,

Talking about Yogas, there are several of them which each of them singly capable of pushing a person to great heights of success and prosperity; amongst which the Panch Mahapurusha Yoga formed by the ownership or exaltation of any one of planets excluding Sun and Moon leads the pack. The other money spinning Yogas in a horoscope are Sasa Yoga by Saturn, Ruchaka yoga by Mars, Hamsa Yoga by Jupiter, Malavya Yoga by Venus and Bhadra Yoga by Mercury.Lottery Spell,

There are several other individual planetary combinations for wealth in a horoscope which need intricate analysis by the astrologer, like the ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ formed by a powerful ascendant with the 9th lord is placed in the 9th house or in exaltation.Lottery Spell,

There are hundreds of other dual planetary combinations in astrology which make people rich and wealthy.  A good astrologer will be able to pin point the exact time frame when a yoga gets activated in a horoscope bringing about a life changing event like a lottery win etc.Lottery Spell,

A lottery horoscope is one of the new innovations of modern astrologers.