You would agree that Human Being is the most complex bundle of energy created by God. If you think that you know your mate well enough over a few days/months of courtship sorry you couldn’t have got it more wrong. Even a lifetime is inadequate to size up the twin miracles called ‘Man & Woman’ and in any case we mere mortals are incapable of doing so (many of us have realized this fact the hard way). Only the divine has the clue, so please welcome Vedic Astrology to do all the spade work for you. Get a horoscope matching conducted for your partner and you to test your compatibility levels. This is one of the finest gifts of Pakistani astrology.

horoscopeHoroscope matching based on Vedic astrology is undoubtedly the most comprehensive compatibility document possible. This Pakistani horoscope reading is based on a total point system of 36 points, whereby a minimum of 18 points are required by the couple to establish a workable compatibility. Points below 18 more or less indicate a stressful marriage or relationship. Points above 25 signify ‘good’ compatibility and a subsequent happy marriage. The ‘Big Test’ is conducted on parameters of  CAREER, DESTINY, PROGENY, HEALTH, WEALTH, LIFE LONGEVITY, NATURE, AND GOOD FORTUNE. This helps us assess the mental, physical and psychological compatibility of the Groom and Bride.

The higher the score , greater is the magnetic alchemy in the relationship.

The main focus of this astrology reading is also on the harmony between the natal Moons of the two concerned individuals. This reflects the emotional and psychological stability and ability to create a nurturing home environment which forms the basis of a happy marriage. There are mainly eight factors to assess the compatibility which are mentioned below:


jaldi shadi ka taweez manpasand shadi * Spiritual and Mental Compatibility

* Power compatibility

* Birth Star Compatibility

* Sexual compatibility

* Planetary Harmony indicating psychological compatibility

* Natural Compatibility and conjugal harmony

* Moon sign compatibility

* Genetic Compatibility

When to avail this astrology reading?


* If you are going into a relationship

* If you are contemplating a decision as to the future of your rocky marriage

* If you are going in for marriage.

* If you need to decide between two potential partners/friends/lovers


PS: You are bound to find this horoscope matching report truly amazing and way beyond your expectations. Vedic astrology wishes you a happy marriage ahead.